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What is Myostine YK-11?  

YK-11 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that could offer many advantages to fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Although it is one of the newer SARMs on the market, YK-11 has become a popular supplement for boosting overall performance. 

This SARM works by forming connections with the androgen receptors of the bones and muscles and triggering anabolic effects. Specifically, YK-11 obstructs myostatin, which is a component that is produced by cells to prevent muscle growth [1]. According to research, the obstruction of myostatin increases muscle function and prevents muscle atrophy, which is the wasting away of muscles [2]. Research indicates that YK-11 can increase lean muscles [1, 3] and increase the hardness of muscles [1, 3]. While further research needs to be conducted, this SARM has also been identified as having no anabolic side effects [1, 3].

As YK-11 is not a steroid, users can avoid the side effects of steroid use that have negative impacts on the heart, skin, and prostate. You can use this SARM to maintain and increase your lean muscle mass and amp up your workouts. 

How is YK-11 Used? 

The use of YK-11 is impacted by user-specific factors such as individual preferences. 

YK-11 Cycle Length

As YK-11 is one of the most powerful SARMs, a 6 week cycle followed by a 1 month cycle break is recommended. 

Known YK-11 Dosage

The recommended dosage for YK-11 is 2-5mg per day, and the product should be taken after meals. Although it is possible to take a higher dosage of 5-15mg of this SARM, this is not recommended. At high doses, YK-11 has been found to increase aggression and increase liver values. If you are a new user, it is highly recommended that you begin at the lowest possible dosage of 2mg due to the potency of the product. Once you start using YK-11, you can monitor its impact on your body and increase the dosage if necessary. 

Men: 2-5mg of this SARM can be taken for a 6 week cycle.

Women: 2-5mg of this SARM can be taken for a 6 week cycle.

YK-11 Half-Life

The product half-life of YK-11 is 8-12 hours. 

What Can YK-11 Be Stacked With? 

YK-11 is powerful enough to be used on its own. Due to its potency and the fact that it has many features of anabolic steroids, stacking it with other SARMs is not recommended. 

Typical YK-11 Results

Increased lean muscle mass is a key result of using YK-11 due to the product’s impact on myostatin. Due to the fact that it makes muscles harder and more dense, users can also expect to see increases in strength and physical performance. Benefitting from YK-11’s positive effects without experiencing any anabolic side effects when using the recommended dosage is another typical result. However, user-specific factors such as weight, fitness, physical activity, and diet can impact the results that you see when using this product. 


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