Andarine S4

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What is Andarine S-4?

Andarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and one of the most powerful SARMs. You can use it to optimise your training gains and streamline your physique. 

It works by binding firmly to the androgen receptors of the muscles, fat, and bones. While Andarine is relatively less anabolic when compared with other SARMs, it is extremely androgenic. Androgenic SARMs can trigger the oxidation of fat when they bind with your androgen receptors. 

Among its many benefits, this SARM can increase muscle mass [1, 2], reduce fat [2], increase strength [1, 4], increase the mineral density of bones [2, 4], boost the healing process for muscle injuries [1], and act quickly [3]. S-4 is popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and people who like to work out regularly.  


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