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What is Ibutamoren MK-677?

Classed as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) due to its effects, Ibutamoren is a mimic of a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) that can give gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders several advantages. While MK-677 was initially used to treat health conditions such as muscle wasting and obesity [1], this powerful SARM can also be used to achieve fitness goals. 

MK-677, which is also knowns as Nutrobal, works by impacting components of the brain, mimicking a GHS, and triggering a number of changes that impact metabolism, muscles, and bones. Research indicates that Ibutamoren can increase muscle mass [2], reduce fat by increasing metabolism [2], improve body composition [2], increase bone mass [3], and improve sleep quality [4].

The good news is that Ibutamoren is not a steroid, so using this product is not linked with any unpleasant side effects to the prostate, heart, skin, liver, or hair. MK-677 can be used to transform your form and remove unwanted fat.  

Ibutamoren Cycle Length

A typical Ibutamoren cycle is 8-10 weeks [1]. 

Known Ibutamoren Dosage

The recommended dosage for this SARM is 5-10mg, but a higher dosage of 5-25mg can be taken as well. However, as Ibutamoren is powerful and fast-acting, the lower dosage is recommended for all users. Dosage can vary based on user-specific factors such as weight and overall fitness. For new users, a low dosage of 5mg is recommended. New users can monitor the product’s impact on their body and increase their intake over time if necessary. The optimum dosage also varies depending on what the product is used for, and a dosage of 10mg is sufficient to see results for both increasing stamina and reducing fat.  

Men: 5-10mg of this SARM can be taken for 8 week cycles.  

Women: 5-10mg of this SARM can be taken for 8 week cycles.

Ibutamoren Half-Life

The half-life of MK-677 is 24 hours. As the product is strong, splitting the daily dosage and taking half in the morning and night is a good idea.

What Can Ibutamoren Be Stacked With?

For amping up your performance, you can stack it with MK-2866.

Typical Ibutamoren Results

Increased lean mass and a leaner form are key results of this SARM. Users of this product can also expect increased endurance and performance. Results can be expected quickly due to the potency of this SARM, and users have reported seeing results relating to muscle mass and performance within their first cycle. Keep in mind that user-specific factors such as fitness, diet, and physical activity could impact how long it takes to see results.


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