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What is ACP-105?

ACP-105 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and one of the newest SARMs to enter the market of fitness supplements. This product can give bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts the boost that they need to achieve their performance targets. 

This SARM works by linking with the androgen receptors of the body and triggering improvements in relation to muscle mass. As this partial agonist is a newly discovered SARM, further research needs to be done to properly understand its multiple effects on fitness. Current research indicates that ACP-105 can increase lean muscle mass [1, 2] and reduce anxiety [3]. A study also identified this SARM as having partial agonist effects that are similar to natural testosterone [4]. 

Although it acts in a similar manner to natural testosterone, ACP-105 is not a steroid. So users of this SARM can avoid the unpleasant side effects of steroid use that affect the hair, prostate, skin, and heart. With ACP-105, you can increase your lean muscle mass and reach a new plateau in your gym performance. 

ACP-105 Cycle Length

The recommended cycle length for ACP-105 is 6 weeks. 

Known ACP-105 Dosage

A dose of 5-10mg per day is recommended and each dose should be taken after meals. Dosage can vary based on user-specific factors such as weight and fitness level. A dose of 5mg is recommended for new users. Users should monitor the SARM’s effect on muscle mass, strength,endurance, and performance and increase their intake over time if necessary. 

Men: 5-10mg of ACP-105 can be taken 30-40 minutes before workouts for a 6 week cycle.

Women: 5-10mg of ACP-105 can be taken 30-40 minutes before workouts for a 6 week cycle.

ACP-105 Half-Life

The half-life of ACP-105 is 4-6 hours. For effects that last throughout the day, simply split your daily dosage and take a dose in the morning and night. 

What Can ACP-105 Be Stacked With?

You can stack ACP-105 with MK-2866 to boost fat loss or for bulking. 

Typical ACP-105 Results

An increase in lean muscle mass is a major result in using ACP-105. Other results that users can expect include increases in stamina, strength, and performance. As this SARM acts quickly, you can see results in 2-3 weeks. However, factors that are unique to individual users such as diet, physical activity, fitness level, and weight could impact results. To optimize the results of ACP-105, consider making healthy choices in relation to diet and exercise. 


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