Stenabolic SR-9009

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What is Stenabolic SR-9009?

Stenabolic is a Rev-Erb agonist. Although is not actually a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), it is usually classed as a SARM due to some of its effects. One of the more recent SARMs to enter the market, SR-9009 has quickly become a part of the supplements taken by fitness oriented individuals. Currently, SR-9009 is being tested on health conditions that limit movement such as obesity, and this multipurpose product can give your fitness level a boost. 

SR-9009 works by connecting with the Rev-Erb protein and triggering an increase in the skeletal muscle mitochondria [1]. Research indicates that Stenabolic could increase metabolism [2], reduce fat [2], increase muscle mass [3], increase stamina [4], increase the capacity for exercise [4], and increase performance [4]. However, further research needs to be done in this area.  


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