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What is Cardarine GW-501516?

Cardarine is categorised among the selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). This is primarily due to its effects as it technically modulates a different receptor. It has been used in bodybuilding circles for decades due to its functionality in shedding unwanted pounds [1]. The effects of this SARM can range from a dramatic increase of your lean muscles [1] to your transformation into a slimmer version of yourself [2].  

GW-501516 works by connecting with the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) and increasing gene expressions that are related to energy expenditure. This SARM is very effective for increasing endurance [1] and improving the body’s ability to heal damages [3, 4, 5]. It could also have a positive impact on reducing ER stress which is linked with the development of heart disease [4] and type 2 diabetes [3]. 

With Cardarine, you can maintain the muscles that you have worked hard for and improve your athletic performance while losing fat and protecting yourself from some chronic diseases.

How is Cardarine Used?

Individual preferences and individual-specific factors can impact the dosage for this SARM. 

Cardarine Cycle Length 

In general, Cardarine can be used in cycles of 8 weeks. For a new user, the recommended cycle length is 6 weeks. 

Known Cardarine Dosage

Dosage can vary between 10-20mg per day. It is best to start with a low dosage and increase your intake over time if necessary [6]. 

Men : 10-20mg of Cardarine can be taken before workouts for 8 week cycles [6]. 

Women : 10-20mg of this SARM can be taken before workouts for 8 week cycles [6].  

Cardarine Half-Life

Cardarine has a half-life of 24 hours, so you can use a single dosage per day. 

What Can Cardarine Be Stacked With? 

The GW-501516 SARM is quite versatile and can be stacked with many other SARMs. For muscle gain, you can stack it with MK-28664033, LGD-4033, and Testolone. As a fat burning tool, you can use it with S-4. 

Typical Cardarine Results

Typically, the results of using this SARM include the reduction of fat due to its direct impact on a person’s fat stores. Improvements in recovery times and endurance due to its anti-inflammatory properties can also be expected. Other results involve a healthier heart and a reduced likelihood from developing type 2 diabetes. Users usually experience improved performance with more energy for longer periods. 


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