Best SARMs for Cutting

A cutting cycle is a technique used by bodybuilders to obtain a leaner-looking physique. It involves shedding fat to show off muscle definition, without losing much – if any – muscle mass. Typically, this is achieved through a combination of selective exercises that maintain strength, and a lower calorie diet to reduce fat stores. 

However, cutting is rarely simple. While it is easy to lose fat – a good low calorie, low fat diet will help to achieve that – maintaining muscle mass at the same time can be tricky. What can often happen is that bodybuilders begin to lose muscle alongside losing fat, which means they’re not ‘cutting’… they’re simply losing body weight. 

To counteract this, some bodybuilders have turned to steroids which help to maintain muscle and strength, even during a cutting cycle. The problem with using steroids, however, is that they come with a wide range of androgenic side effects which are generally undesirable. According to the NHS, the use of anabolic steroids may result in shrunken testicles, erectile dysfunction, infertility, hair loss, and more. 

Due to these side effects, there has been increasing interest in the use of chemicals known as SARMs. SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators which have a similar effect to steroids, but with reduced side effects, and a safer chemical profile

However, not all SARMs were made equal. Whereas some have properties and characteristics that make them beneficial for shedding fat and contributing towards a leaner appearance, others can cause rapid gains and are better for bulking. 

So… what’s the best SARM for cutting?

What is the best SARM for cutting?

There are two types of SARM that are widely considered effective for cutting:

  • MK-2866 Ostarine

Ostarine is informally referred to as a ‘beginner’ SARM due to its low potency. However, this is exactly what makes MK-2866 better than some other types of SARM in terms of transforming body composition. Ostarine’s lower potency means that it may be capable of maintaining muscle strength during a cutting cycle, rather than encouraging significant gains. Research into this SARM suggests that it’s very effective at increasing lean body mass, while simultaneously reducing body fat. 

  • SR-9009 Stenabolic

Stenabolic has earned a reputation for being one of the best SARMs for fat burning and muscle retention. Researchers have concluded that ‘SR-9009 alters the metabolic profile of skeletal muscle in a manner similar to the changes observed [in] animals [that] are endurance trained. Basically, the drug sends a signal to the muscle to tell it to modify its metabolism’. Essentially, SR-9009 transforms the body’s natural metabolism so that it burns more fat without impacting muscle strength. 

Stacking SARMS

While some may say that SR-9009 is the best SARM for cutting, and others may give the crown to MK-2866, there are some who believe the best approach to getting lean without compromising muscle mass is to stack different SARMs together. 

There’s no definitive answer to ‘what is the best SARM stack for cutting?’, but experts have suggested a combination of Ostarine or Stenabolic, alongside SARMs and SARM-like chemicals such as S4 Andarine and Cardarine GW-501516. It’s been suggested that Andarine and Cardarine, taken for 12 weeks, can be beneficial. 

Is it safe to use SARMs for cutting?

The exact safety profile of SARMs isn’t yet known, and more research needs to be conducted to determine the impact of SARMs on the human body. There may be a risk of side effects depending on the SARMs and stacks that are taken. However, while SARMs are not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the European Medicines Agency (EMA), it is legal to purchase them in the UK.